Monday, September 28, 2009

long sleep

HArley after a long day at play. we had ball today now he is resting

Monday, September 21, 2009


I went out witrh my wife Dancing, Dinner, live music And stayed over night in hotel Downtown. It was great even though i cant dance well. It meant a lot to her .

Monday, September 14, 2009

working hard on me

IO have my own business now. I t is great being your own boss. When i drove a big truck i was focused did my job to the best of my abilty. I realized evry time i go to work i'm building another mans dream home. So now imWORKING HARD ON ME . I get up now to work on me build my tommorow. This economy we are living in today is not stable. Build your own. get rid of my boss best feeling ever


All of have a lot of things that we know how to do. I myself am no doffrent then anybody else. I have perfected driving. I Have driven from WA to NY, Fl to CA,and CAnada to Fl, I drove an 18 wheeler. I have have since changed careers. Now as i learn my new profession. i am ever more focused on my hobby ROLLER SKATING. I have skated since i was 5 years old, I know i should be better by noe since im grown. But now i have set a goal to get it done. IAM GOING TO BE T HE BEST ROLLER SKATER I can be. I got back nito my hobby now i'm skating every Thursday 9pm-1230am and , eveyr first saturday of the month 1130pm-3am. It is a great cardio exercise it works the whole body. I WILL HAVE PICTURES SOON of my events at the rink.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The convention i went o on Saturday was GREAT the information T.Grey gave out put my hair on fire. He talked about positive thinking and being focused. In any thing that i or a person does there are few things that have to be done 1 Set a goal 2 when planing look to the end and plan backwards to help reach that goal.In First picture Angrla High and me . 2nd picture left to rightCynthia Moreland, ME and Demetrice Daniels.These three women are some ofthe best business partners a person could have . In the third picture Left to right CLarence Smith , ME , T Grey Both powerful motivators.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009



thursday night SKATE TOWN 8 pm to 1am


Im am really looking forward to this weekend when i go to the empowerment convention on Saturday at 10 am